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Don’t like leaving your Polaris cleaner outside with the sun hitting it and do you worry about using it when rain is predicted. The Clear Pool Bot Cover takes all these worries away. It will fit the following Polaris Models: Polaris Alpha iQ+, Alpha iQ, 9650 Sport, 9650 iQ, 9550 Sport, 9450 Sport, 9350 Sport, 9300 Sport, VRX iQ+, P965iQ
The cover is hand made in Mexico and the material is waterproof and UV resistant much like any backyard patio furniture or BBQ cover. It is an ideal way to protect robotic pool vacuum and prolong the life of your investment. If you live in an area where the Sun can be blazing in the Summer and you worry about your cleaner and caddy, especially the remote control, I would say a cover is a great idea. Why not just get a BBQ cover? Well, it will be similar in cost and not fitted for the Polaris cleaners like this one is.
The nice blue, gray or white color is very pleasing to the eye and the build and material feel really A+. Even though it is a generic cover it really feels like an OEM cover and it is not something just thrown together. It is a real quality product and I think you will like the overall style and make of the Bot cover.