About Us

It all started over a conversation we were having at the Thanksgiving dinner table. I had just read "Makers" by Chris Anderson discussing (at that time) the rise of 3D printers and their capabilities and contributions to the market place. My brother in law had an idea for a basket that was needed for pool vacuums. And thus the idea of the Hole in One Basket was born.

After multiple iterations and failed attempts at mold making we ran across a company willing to modify an existing design and produce the baskets for us thus Clear Pool Products was born as a means to sell the baskets.
Based on our experience selling online an opportunity to sell and distribute the Pool Lab, the Water Tester and related reagents arose.  Then soon after that we designed our Vacuum bags, Polaris Covers, Caddies and aprons. All based on various needs in the pool pro industry.

We are primarily a textile based developer, but also have capacity and connections to develop other products as well. We can develop specialized products such as the Cyclone Filter cleaner bag tailored to your needs or desires, we are also open to selling other products that we don't create but have a good relationship with.  But most of all we enjoy serving you our loyal customers with the best bags in the industry.

Thank you for visiting our site and using our products.

The Clear Pool Team
Tim and Veronica.

Our original "Basket mold"

In the beginning we were drilling holes in baskets and attaching a plastic ring to smooth the edges around the hole for the hose.

Hole in one basket